Narrowband Services

TETRA / TEDS / LTE - voice and data solutions

If you need high capacity mission critical voice communications, you need a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) solution designed for high data throughput with a Long Term Evolution (LTE) overlay.

TETRA will remain the core ETSI open standard voice and basic data solution for some time to come. It’s a terrestrial digital mobile radio four-time slot 25kHz channel solution that can be used for communications systems as small as a single site, up to total wide area coverage scalability for nationwide networks. Internationally recognised LTE adds high-speed mobile data connectivity for those users requiring streaming video and other bandwidth intensive information transfer needs. Whether you need either technologies or just one, our TETRA and/or LTE offerings enable the flexibility of a single network solution.

Our networks also sustains low-power ruggedised handsets so the handsets can be smaller, making them more portable and easy to handle.

If you need enhanced, basic capacity data communications, you need a TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), which currently utilises a 50 kHz channel solution providing higher than basic data throughput with the capability to meet the majority of mobile data needs.

We have extensive experience in deploying both large and small, fully I-based TETRA solutions for customers in the public safety, mining, oil & gas and utility sectors. LTE for private networks awaits regulatory allocations in our region of operation.

Digital Mobile Radio

If you need business critical communications, our Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is the solution for you.

DMR includes a two-time slot conventional 12.5 kHz channel solution – and because the handsets operate at power levels equivalent to traditional analogue, they provide similar range capabilities and higher quality audio to the edge of coverage. This range capability allows a lower capacity-demanding user to benefit as the extended range means lower infrastructure costs.

DMR has the capability to operate in both conventional, (Tier II), and trunked, (Tier III) mode, as defined by the ETSI open standard. Providing data transport functionality that satisfies the needs for GPS location monitoring, text messaging, workflow applications and basic telemetry, the DMR solution meets the needs of the typical business vertical. Due to the nature of its 4FSK modulation, DMR terminal equipment also has the ability to operate in analogue mode, easing migration and providing interoperability. Altron Nexus Solutions  have deployed numerous DMR solutions to many satisfied clients.


From basic analogue radio transported telemetry, provided since the early 1970’s, to current modern generation PLC based RTU solutions, Altron Nexus Solutions maintain the knowledge, skills, product and capability to engineer, install and support fixed remote monitoring and control data solutions. We offer flexibility of integration into most commercially available SCADA software packages, including the highly popular local Adroit package. Altron Nexus Solutions SCADA solutions provide a powerful ‘over the air’ protocol that is able to withstand the hazards presented by RF interference while being transport medium agnostic. We are able to implement on a wide range of backhaul media, including analogue and digital radio, microwave, GSM/3G/LTE, leased line, dial-up, fixed wireline and fibre. Our systems are in a wide range of market verticals including electricity and water distribution, communication network monitoring, and the oil and gas industry.


The European derived technology of GSM-R has been widely utilised for Rail Mission Critical network communication since the initial systems became available. A derivative of basic GSM, GSM-R includes enhancements considered imperative for guaranteed communication delivery, amongst other features. Rail operators, as is the case with other mission critical users, are non-negotiable that GSM-R solutions need to migrate to an LTE platform, providing the higher bandwidth capacity as well as the benefits of a more widely utilised open standard. OEM’s of GSM-R have recognised the need for this migration capability and are aligning their offerings to meet this need. Altron Nexus Distributors has both experience in the deployment of GSM-R as well as a shared vision for future migration to LTE.


Voice remains a key medium for public safety and other mission critical users. For maximum benefit and field control, dispatch controller integration into the communication network Main Switching Office (MSO) and the manner in which we implement this, is a key factor. Additionally, with many differing technologies, including conventional analogue/digital, trunked, telephony, LTE etc., all capable of voice communication, the need is ever increasing for solutions that enable inter-technology networking. Whether the requirement be for individual conventional channel communication or multiple diverse network integration, for single operator or multi-operator, multi-location solutions, Altron Nexus Distributors have the optimum solution.

Command & Control Solutions

The fundamental core of modern generation safer city solutions lies in the ability to communicate to and from emergency control centres. This communication includes all aspects of both voice and data. Consolidation into a single operator Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform is the key to a manageable user-friendly command and control solution. Communication sharing amongst inter-regional users necessitates a platform that supports common data storage / data centre capabilities. Whether voice is transported by radio, telephony or LTE, and whether data comprises basic text messaging, bi-directional text dispatch/workflow, location monitoring, fleet management, alarm monitoring, SCADA integration, social media monitoring, image transfer or streaming video, Altron Nexus Distributors provides the optimum solution for mission critical user requirements.


For many years, Microwave solutions been an integral part of high-level mission critical communications solutions. The relatively recent explosion of data and the parallel development of basic microwave to a high bandwidth IP based technology, has seen a new emergence of these point-to-point, and point-to-multi-point solutions. Microwave is currently used in many diverse verticals including radio communication networks, SCADA systems, telephony and ISP service provision. Notwithstanding the rapid roll-out of fibre that we see, the shear vastness of the African continent requires that in many remote locations the provision of bandwidth is still most cost effective through microwave technology. Altron Nexus Solutions has been in the business of deploying microwave since our first analogue solution in the early 1970’s operated on the Saldahna to Sishen rail line. Our offerings include the most modern solutions sourced from internationally recognised OEM’s.


The technology that doesn’t give up. WiFi was predicted to be super ceded by WiMax and then by LTE, but the reality is that WiFi remains the technology of choice to satisfy the needs for public digital communication availability. Wi Fi is continuously enhanced with greater functionality and security. Outdoor, public location and public transport hotspot Access Points (AP’s) enable the public sector to meet the vision of making internet connectivity available to all. The on-going success of WiFi includes the widespread availability of WiFi capable handsets amongst target users, together with existing spectrum availability and the nature of its possibilities for a free service offering. Altron Nexus Solutions provides both solutions for public sector community initiatives and for the private business operator. 

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